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Wecome to my personal site. I hope you may find the posts here interesting, I've started this as a way to be able to write more freely about any topic and not only about Linux like I used to write before.

I am blogging since early 2007, actually late 2006, and you may want to review my old Linux archives.

I am gradually moving the posts of Go2linux to this site under the Go2linux category.


I have different categories on this site, each one of the it is independent of the other. Each has its own atom feed, and its own index page url.

You can find an aggregate of all of them in this atom feed or by visiting the archives.

You can navegate through all of them from the left menu

Empty Streets

Empty streets because of corona virus in Bolivia


rsync guide, how-do and tips with examples


How to configure and use logrotate plus some tips

sudo vs su

The Linux commands su and sudo are similar and can be confused by some people, here the differences and when should you use one instead of the other

iPhone SE

One year experience with iPhone

Ian Murdock

Good bye note to Ian Murdock, who passed away at the age of 42

Nginx send 404 to backend

How to redirect all 404 errors to backend on Nginx so an application can take care of those errors

MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN Review, exploring features, price and more

Your own CDN

How to use Nginx as reverse proxy to serve multiple applications from the same domain on the same host or different one

WhatsApp Web

How to connect to WhatsApp from your PC or any Internet connected PC

Starting with FreeBSD

First steps with FreeBSD on Digital Ocean, installing some useful tools to work with the server

Brackets Text Editor

Changing my default editor from iA Writer and Uber Writer to Brackets

Evolve OS

Evolve OS a new Linux distribution has been born


2015 new year's eve fireworks

Wordpress Child Themes

How to create a Wordpress Child Theme and use it to customize the parent to fit your needs

Wordpress Cluster Powered

How to setup a cluster of PHP-FPM servers to power a Wordpress Installation with Nginx doing reverse proxy and cache in front of them


Visit to Titicaca Lake, La Paz, Bolivia in December 2014


Visit to Tiwanaku in November 2014


My Trip to Israel in 2013, Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa, The Galilee, Old Jerusalem

Use Mac

Why you should use Mac over PC


At Noon

Forgot to enter sudo

How to insert sudo in front of commands when you have already run it

Flush Postfix Queue

How to flush the queue of Postfix MTA and free all emails not already sent

Mutt, Mac and IMAP

Using Mutt to read and write email on Mac with an Office 365 IMAP account

Changing Password

How to change the password of the current user or another user in Unix like systems. Linux or Mac OS X

Installing deb files

How to install a deb file in Ubuntu, Debian, Mint or some other Debian derivative


CommonMark, Standard Markdown and Jeff Atwood vs John Gruber


Cold Weather


Image of cars

Blue Sky

Image of the blue Sky

El Prado

El Prado in La Paz


Review of mailwise, another email app for Android that supports IMAP and Activesynd for Exchange accounts

On Writting

About writting therapy, and why I write

Boxer App for Android

Review of the new Beta Boxer App for Android, another great email application for Android

Thunderbird Best Practices

Best practices to follow when configuring Thunderbird to work with IMAP servers, particularly with an Office 365 Exchange account

Svbtle vs Medium

Why you can not compare Svbtle to Medium, which are the differences and which one is the right for you


Ghost the blogging platform is ready for the public to use it. And it looks awesome

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad, one of the best options to get high protein from vegetables

Just enjoy yourself

Enjoying life and enjoying yourself. The best way to spend your time here

Extraterrestrial life

My theory about the probability of intelligent life from outer space being able to come here and meet us.


An essay about what do I think regarding happiness, and how do I think we can find it

Blogging break

Taking a break on blogging for a while, until I get more time for blogging

iPhone better at email than Android

Why I think that from email point of view, Blackberry is still the best smartphone, and why iPhone is better than Android on the same field

Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM on CentOS

How to install Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM with MySQL on Centos. And at the same time configure PHP-FPM to listen on a socket instead of a TCP port.

How to limit wget download rate

Limit wget download rate, so others can share the bandwidth in your home of office, otherwise wget will use all it can

Backup git bare repository

How to backup a bare git repository over ssh on another server automatically and periodically

Crontab and cron job

Crontab, cron job how to, and example. How to take advantage of cron jobs for repetitive tasks in Unix like system, like GNU/Linux

Custom domain for

How to add custom domains to the same way Google Apps once let you do it. You will be able to add up to 50 users to your domain

Recursively count files

How to count files recursively in a folder when you are using BSD, Linux or Mac OS X

Debian vs CentOS

Comparing CentOS and Debian as your options for web server operating systems. Considering stability, easy of use, fresh package availability

Orange flower

An orange color flower with a black and white background

The meditarrean goes to sleep

Picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone of the sunset in the mediterranean sea, from the coast of Israel

GNU Emacs spell check

How to spell check on emacs for Linux or Mac. Works for ReStructuredText and LaTeX

Switching to Feedly

Using Feedly instead of Google Reader to comsume my daily dose of news

Sunset pictures

Golden hour pictures. Pictures taken at sunset from a high building

Testing GNU/Emacs

Vim and Emacs, testing Emacs because of its support for RestructuredText out of the box

GNU Linux vs Linux

Why the operating system that most of us use, should be called GNU Linux and not only Linux


Some nice pictures of flowers

Learning Git branches

Working with Git branches and Jekyll, learing how to create, merge, rebase, delete branch. On the local and remote Git repository

Migrate MySQL database

how to migrate a MySQL database to a new server, or between two servers, using scp and mysqldumb

Ubuntu One vs Dropbox

Comparing Dropbox vs Ubuntu One. When and why you should choose Ubuntu One over Dropbox, and when Dropbox should be your choice

Clone a bootable usb key

How to clone a bootable usb key, or copy to disk for storage. Useful to create copies of bootable usb memory

Quo Vadis Ubuntu?

Quo Vadis Ubuntu? Is Ubuntu following the same steps that Microsoft and Apple followed before?

From Jekyll to Pelican

Little tools to help you switch from Jekyll to Pelican. Change YAML Front Matter to Markdown headers

Flowers and Nature Pictures

Flower pictures taken in different places of Boliva and in different times, two of them are orchids from Concepcion

Jesus Manger

Pictures of Jesus manger as made by my 4 and 11 years old kids

Ubuntu: Disable daemon on startup

How to disable a daemon such a Nginx, Apache, MySQL or any other from starting at boot time. We will disable them from startup scripts, read more to learn how

Apache htaccess: Add Cache-Control header per file type

A good way to speed up a static site when using Apache to serve it, is to permit your users' browsers and the cache servers in the middle to save a copy of the pages. And you can add Cache-Control header on Apache on a per file type basis

Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock first impressions: Working on Mac and Linux

What version of CentOS am I running

It is very important to know the version of Linux and the version of the distribution you are using. If CentOS is what you are using, this will tell you what version of CentOS you are running

How to install htop on CentOS

htop is not installable by default on CentOS. If you want to install it fast, the best way is downloading the rpm file. Here is how I install htop on CentOS servers

About Git

Why I think Git is a great tool, and some things you can do with it

On Strong and Secure Passwords

How to create and use strong and secure passwords for your online services like facebook, gmail, twitter and also for your paypal and bank accounts

Broasted Chicken

How to prepare broasted chicken legs, or Kentucky style fried chicken

Gmail 2.0 for iOS

What do I think about the new Gmail iOS app. Google has released Gmail 2.0 for iPad and iPhone

Google Plus Communities

Google Plus is trying hard to catch Facebook. Now they come with Communities. Making G+ more social

Tablet or ChromeBook?

After a month with an iPad, I think there is no need to buy a ChromeBook

Running Again

A post about why is so good to run, and how relaxing it can be

Take advantage of gnu-screen

How to use gnu-screen, and protect yourself of disconnection when working on remote Linux or Mac servers

Linode Review

Reviewing Linode: When and why you should choose them

iA Writer Review

Review of iA Writer: One of the best Markdown editors for Mac

The equilibrium

Balancing your life between the best and the worst

Nature pictures

Nature photos, taken in my garden, some with macro mode

Install Wordpress on Ubuntu Server

How to install Wordpress on Ubuntu using official repositories. And installing LAMP on the server at the time of Ubuntu server installation

iPod 5 keyboard on landscape view

The new iPod Touch now features a longer screen, because of this, keyboard in landscape mode is a lot much easier to use.

First month on Site44

My experiences after having all my sites hosted at site44 for one month

Fanboyism is bad

Why you do not need to be a fanboy to stand on your position.

Venice flood

Pictures of Venice flood in (Spring) November 2012

My iftop's config file

How I use iftop to monitor network traffic, and an example of my config file and options

Upgrade Debian 6.0 Squeeze to 7.0 Wheezy

How to upgrade from Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) to Debian Wheezy (7.0). Instructions to be followed on the terminal console, good to be done via ssh on a remote server

md5sum on Mac OS X | check MD5 hashes

How to calculate MD5 hash of a file on Mac OS X. MD5 is important when you download files from the Internet, and you need to check if the the file is OK

My blog turned one

I started this blog to write about everything and not only about Linux, today it has been one year since I started writing here

Check the physical status of an ethernet port in Linux

Sometimes you need not only the logical status of an ethernet port, but also the physical status of it, here is how you test the physical estatus of an ethernet port in Linux, I have tried it on Ubuntu

Host your static site on Cloud Files, the CDN network from RackSpace

Having a static site gives you a lot of flexibility, and one of the good things is that you can host your site in almost any possible hosting company and using almost any technology available: Here we will see how to host a static site on Cloud Files, which is the CDN network of RackSpace

Low Carb Diet

Article about low carb diets and my personal experience

On Blog Comments

Still thinking about comments, and how to deal with them and spam

Angry Birds for Chome

Angry Birds now available for Chome, Online or Offline | Enjoy playing it

More on blog comments

How should I deal with comments? Haver comments on or off, or maybe on for some days only

N9 and MeeGo

Shared thoughts about Nokia N9 and Meego

Full body routine

Your best option to be an amateur body builder. Full body routine, for those with not too much time for the gym

My Kids

A nice picture of my children

Farewell to Microsoft

My own experience about how I managed to get rid of Microsoft Windows. I do not need it anymore for any task

How to upgrade Debian Lenny to Squeeze (5.0 to 6.0)

Step by step Debian upgrade tutorial. This tutorial needs access to the console, and it is great to upgrade servers. This is meant for the upgrade of Lenny to Squeeze, but may work with other releases as well

Get Slack

Small review of Slackware Linux, the oldest still active distribution

Slackware review

Review of the oldest Linux distribution, Slackware Linux

Arch Linux Review

Review of the most famous rolling release Linux distribution, Arch Linux

Movable Type

Talking about Movable Type in 2010

ls -l explained

What is the meaning of the output in the Linux command ls -l

Arch Linux Review

Arch Linux review, My favorite GNU Linux Distribution

wget - Downloading from the command line

How to take advantages of the power of wget in Linux. You can download files recursively, set the levels you will dig, follow external links, limit the bandwidth / rate used and more.


Some articles, that I'll try to keep up to date, and on various topics, will go to this section instead of bein in the blog section.

There are going to be just a few, and being in this section will help me keep an eye on them, and add more info on them when I have more info about the topic.

If you want you can read my articles