Microsoft released new office suite app for iPhone and Android

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Date: 2020-03-01 20:45:00 00:00

Microsoft has just released a new app for iPhone and Android phones, it is the office suite. Yes I know that we had already had all the suite available for phones and tablets, but this time this is all programs in just one app.

You know that before we had to install Word, Excel and Powerpoint separately, and now they are all in just one app.

One good thing about it is that this app is smaller than the three together, that is a good thing if you do not have too much space on your phone.

Another good thing is that this simple app comes with other utilities beside the three main programs of the Microsoft's office suite.

  • Transfer files: You can transfer files between your phone and computer, just linking both of them using a QR code, you have to go to on your PC and scan the QR code that will appear with the phone using the app and they will be linked.
  • Share files with nearby phones: With this tool you can share files with phones near you.
  • Image to text: Yes, your phone can read text from images and then you can use the text in any other application, as sending it with Telegram or Whatsapp, or any other thing.
  • Tools for PDF: You can sign PDF files, using the screen as a paper to sign, scan to PDF using the camera, convert pictures to PDF files and any document to PDF.

As you can see this is a very handy tool, and I am sure Microsoft will keep improving it, if we will be able to have the other apps as separate ones is not yet known, at least for the iPad yes, as this new app is not available for the iPad yet.

In my work I use this tools a lot, and I am sure almost everybody does now a days.