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The equilibrium

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Date: 2012-11-29 15:46:52 00:00

I am an avid reader of a lot of blogs, I still use RSS (some prefer twitter these days) to follow them.

Well, some days ago, I found a reference to an article titled The best. I did not payed to much attention to it the first time, it just appeared like a nice blog post and just that. Some days later, one of the blogs I follow pointed me to The worst.

This time I payed more attention to both articles, and read them both carefully. The reply post (The worst) made me realize, that the first one was some kind of materialist post, but at the same time, the reply was just taking things too far.

Usually if you go too far in any direction you end up being wrong. And I think that is what happened here.

My opinion

I would like to express what I think about this matter, and put some equilibrium or balance to the discussion.

There are good times for The Best and good times for The worst, lets put some examples.

If I'm going to jump from a plane (That will never happen), You can bet I would like to have the very best parachute I can buy, rent or borrow, wouldn't you?

If your job depends on being communicated, are you going to buy some crapy phone? Be sure I would buy some good one.

On the other hand, if I'm going to the gym, I'm not going to look for the best T-Shirt money can buy. Any crappy T-Shirt will do what it is needed while being at the gym (I'm not a professional athlete). Continuing with fitness, when I jog, I try to use some good pair of shoes, otherwise I might get hurt.

And I can continue all day finding these kind of examples, but I'm sure you already got the idea.


There are situations where you need the best things in world and a good rule of thumb is if the task is in this list, go for the best:

  • Your life or health depends on it.
  • Your productivity or job depends on it.
  • Some other people's life, health depends on it.

Surely there are other situations, but these seems to be the most important ones, just out of my head at this moment.

In all other situations, you can just buy/use any kind of stuff, being it the best of its kind or not. It is just up to you, and of course will depend if you are materialist or not.

As a final thought, do not take extreme positions in anything, everything is relative, and we all should try to find equilibrium in every situation.