Look at internal memory while choosing you next Android phone

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Date: 2012-10-26 10:17:00 00:00

Yesterday I was looking for some low-end Android phones for a friend of mine.

While looking at Galaxy ACE 2 and Galaxy ACE Plus, I realized the differences are not that big, also the prices delta is really small. So, where to look to decide?

I asked the vendor what were the differences? He told me that mainly the processor speed as the plus have a mono-core 1 GHz processor and the 2 have a dual core 800 MHz, so the 2 may be considered as 1.6 GHz.

Well that is not really a true, only if the app you are running can take advantage of parallel processing you can count it as 1.6 GHz. Anyway 1 GHz and 800 MHz is not really a big difference.

To me the real difference between these two, and this is maybe the most important feature to look at, when you are choosing between low-level Android smartphones is the internal memory. Internal memory is going to limit the amount of apps you will be able to install on your phone. It does not matter that some of them can be installed in external memory, a small part of every app will reside in the internal memory of the phone.

In this case the Galaxy ACE Plus comes with 512 Mbytes and the Galaxy ACE 2 comes with 768 MBytes RAM. That is 50% more space for apps!, you are provably not going to realize the speed difference between the processors, but of course you are going to be mad when your phone start telling you that some app can not be installed because you do not have enough memory.

Apps are bigger and bigger every day, even the native apps like Youtube, Gmail or Maps receive upgrades periodically. That takes memory.

If you are buying high-end phones, you maybe do not have to worry about this, and should pay more attention to another specs, like screen or camera but with low-end phones, check internal RAM.