Just enjoy yourself

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Date: 2013-11-16 22:00:22 00:00

When I was a kid I loved playing soccer, I was not good at it but liked it anyway. I was playing soccer in every chance I got. It did not really matter if I was good or not, the real thing was that I enjoyed myself doing it.

That is how kids usually see the life, they enjoy something, and they do it. When did that change? Why grown up people need others to approve what they are doing?

Everybody should be doing what they like to do, you should be doing what you love. If for some reason that does not pay enough to live, do something else but don't stop doing what you love to do.

And forget about what others may think about the way you are performing. If you like to write, then write, if you like to sing, then sing. If you are so fortunate that you can make a living out of what you enjoy doing, that is great. Just don't stop because you can't make a living out of that.

Now it is time for you to start doing what you always wanted, don't try to be the best at it, just enjoy yourself.