Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux triple boot

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Date: 2012-12-11 22:47:33 00:00

How did I install Arch Linux as secondary Linux on a Dual boot PC

First, let me say that this is not a full how to, I think there is no need to go screenshot after screenshot of Debian and Ubuntu installation. I do not see any good reason to reproduce all the Arch installation instructions.

Well, what is this then? This is just a simple guide to show you how I managed to have Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux installed on the same machine, under one Grub 2 installation. And how I managed to solve a small problem I had.

Now lets go to what you are interested in:

I have this setup:

  • sda1 is a extended partition
  • sda2 is Ubuntu
  • sda3 is Arch Linux
  • sda5 is a swap partition
  • sda6 is Debian

Debian was the first one installed, so Grub2 from Debian is installed on MBR or the sda disk.

Ubuntu was then installed using the alternate disk, on sda2, and Grub was installed on sda2, not sda (I no think that there was no need to install grub at all). Debian recognized Ubuntu as soon as I run


It used the command os-prober to find it.

Arch Linux was installed on the system following this instructions. The Install and configure boot loader section was omitted completely.

When finished, I reboot on Debian again, and run:


But it not worked, I tried


But does not worked, so I mounted the partition.

mount /dev/sda3 /mnt

Run again:


This time that worked, so I could finally reboot and boot my system with my new Arch Linux installation.