There is no "Best Smartphone"

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Date: 2012-01-11 16:20:00 00:00

After reading a lot of phone reviews, and having owned Android, iOS and Blackberry devices, I have arrived to a conclusion: There is no such thing as "The best smartphone". I'm sure a lot of you agree with me. There are still fan boys, that believe that because some specific model of phone is better suited for him/her it should be called the best.

So, why do I still read reviews and comparisons? Simply because I want to know more about the phones, and determine if some of them adjust to me.

The other day I was talking to a girl who was trying to decide which phone to buy. She is a teenager, and as the Android service is cheaper than the Blackberry service (at least in Bolivia) I told her that an Android was better for her. The iPhone is just too expensive. I told her that with the size of the screen she will have a better experience with an Android device while using Facebook. She just don't care about email (most teenagers don't), but then she told me that she needs BBM (Blackberry Messenger). All her friends have blackberries and uses BBM as way to stay in touch. I ended saying, "Well, so you need a Blackberry".

You can use Facebook Messenger, as a cross-platform messenger tool, but if your friends are on BBM or using the new iMessage you will have to jump into the needed platform.

The next time you are thinking which phone to buy, or to give as a gift, start by asking yourself what is going to be the use of the phone, and which are the user's needs, from that point you will be able to choose the right one.

One more thing, usually people think that for email Blackberry is the best option. Now consider this, if you have a Gmail account, and you do not have access to a BES server, you will be better with an android device. Blackberry despite the use of Gmail Enhanced Plugin that gives a better Gmail experience, and two way sync, it takes a lot of time sometimes more than an hour to sync and using "reconcile now" does nothing. With Android or iPhone you have full sync in real time.

If you are using Google Apps, Android and iPhone also works better, but if you add some 5 $us per month per account and get a hosted BES service, you will have a full Blackberry experience with Google Apps. (You need a Premier or Education account). So as you can see even in email you need to think in other components prior to decide which platform is better for you.

If you need a long lasting battery, then you should go with Blackberry, it is still unbeatable in that field.

And no one can beat iPhone as a music player, IMHO.

Hope this may help you if you arrive here trying to decide which smart-phone you should buy.