Meaning of lower case edge or gprs and 3G without the blackberry logo

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Date: 2011-08-24 07:00:00 00:00

Your Blackberry should normally show you how it is connected to the data network, if it is not using WIFI, it should be using either Edge, GPRS or 3G. For Edge and GPRS, the letters should be in uppercase, (EDGE or GPRS), and that indicate that your phone is connected to the blackberry services, in case of 3G, you should see the Blackberry points logo near the 3G indicator.

If the logo is not present or the words edge and gprs appears in lowercase, that means that you phone is connected to your cell phone provider data network, but not to the blackberry services/servers.

In other words, your phone provider may have lost its internet connection, or its connection to blackberry network, you can turn on WIFI if you can to have connection again.