A Blog that is not a Blog

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Date: 2012-02-29 13:48:00 00:00

I may stop calling my blog posts, blog posts, and start calling them articles. After reading this article, I noticed that my blog is maybe not a blog.

I usually do not write about my day to day experiences, but more about sharing my knowledge with everybody, actually that was the idea behind this site, and my old site.

And considering that a blog according to Wikipedia is: "…a personal journal…" this might be called a blog, but actually consider a blog something like a place where you share more personal stuff, and I'm not usually posting personal stuff here.

I use, and will use this site in the future as a place where I can share my knowledge about technology, my discoveries in the Linux, Mac and other areas of my interest.

I'll try to keep this site easy to read, constantly improving the fonts and layout for that goal. I'll also try to keep widgets and add-ons at its minimum, in order to make this page load as fast as possible, and with the less possible bandwidth if your reading it from your mobile device.

You should not see a Facebook or Twitter widget in this site, and it should stay as minimalistic as I can keep it.

I have also finally turn comments off. That was not easy, as I really like conversation, but this site in a effort to make it as fast as possible is powered by Jekyll, so it is basically static content, and I had to use disqus for the comments. And Disqus was slowing down the site. I finally decided to get rid of comments.

I hope you may enjoy the site, and will try to add some good quality content regularly.