Google Plus Communities

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Date: 2012-12-07 19:39:35 00:00

Google Plus Communities

Yesterday Google rolled out a new feature. Communities

You can now create communities, they can be private of public.

You can add moderators to your communities, and I'm sure a lot of new features are ready to pop up.

In my opinion Communities is going to give G+ a new impulse. We human beings like to belong to communities. Yes we have Groups in Facebook, but for some reason I think that G+ communities are going to be more successful that Facebook Groups.

I do not know about you, but for me, the people on G+ is somehow geekier than people on FB. So, the discussion is going to be more interesting in G+.

I have seen some Hacker News communities appearing in G+, and I have never heard about a FB Group for HN.

Google is trying hard to become a real contender to Facebook in the social network area. This is one more try to be in the major leagues.

One problem still hard to overcome is, almost everyone is on FB and those mums and grandpas, who uses FB to watch his sons and grandchildren pictures, are not going to be easily switched over G+. That is bad news for Google, but maybe good news for the rest of us, who prefer to see interesting stuff instead of "nice pet's pictures".

Good luck Google.