Vine. Six seconds video sharing

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Date: 2013-01-28 09:57:00 00:00

Last week Vine was introduced to the public, it is a new video sharing service. You can download the app for iOS. It is still not available app for Android but I am sure that is going to change soon.

Just like Twitter with 140 characters, Vine gives you only six seconds of video sharing.

The app takes full advantage of touch screens, as you can only capture video while touching the screen. This way you can better use your six seconds and make some creative videos.

Most people have started using it to create some nice stop motion pictures.

As with all other tools that people invents, the way you use it is up to you. A lot of people started using it to create porn pictures under the #porn hashtag. That hashtag have been banned by Vine.

As usually, I recommned you to deny the app the access to your location information. It is a security thread, and you can be sure that people will find the way to use it in bad ways.

If you have already granted the vine app permission to access your location information, you can go to:

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services

Look for Vine in the list, and toggle it off.

Happy video sharing.