Designer vs Coder: Who would you hire?

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Date: 2011-09-01 17:50:00 00:00

Reading some posts today I've arrived to this possible dilemma.

Given this scenario, where your company has a low budget problem. Who would you hire?

  1. Designer who knows to code?
  2. A coder who can design?

I'm an engineer myself, and have always said that our job is more important than Architects' job. :)

Well, as I get older I find I'm changing my mind.

I'm starting to think that more people can be Einstein, than the people that can be Miguel Angelo, and I'm sure you also agree that we'll maybe only going to have one Da Vinci in our history.

Well, on-topic once again.

If your startup is in a low-budget-moment, and you need to hire a designer and a coder to create an application who would you hire?

I think that it is harder for us engineers, to be creative enough to design, than it is for designers to learn how to code.

So, based on that, I think you will find a better combination if you choose a Designer who knows about coding, than if you choose a coder who know how to design.

What do you think about this?

Note: I understand that this is subjective, and some of you will say, decide based on what your application relays more on. If it is an app with less designing job needed, than coding job, well choose the coder, and vice versa. But for this question to work, we need to consider an scenario where your app needs 50/50 from both disciplines.