Sharing to social networks from iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

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Date: 2013-02-15 09:54:00 00:00

I have been using both iOS (iPod Touch) and Android (Galaxy S3) to consume content, like reading my RSS news, checking my streams on Twitter and Google Plus.

I have found that it is a better experience on Android than on iOS devices, specially when you want to share what you are reading with others.

Sharing from the iPhone is way too complicated for today's standards. You need to copy the url, change app, create a post and paste the url. There is not a good way to do it using the OS, you have to relay on what the Apps have. In that field, reeder, does a great job offering a lot of sharing options.

But if find something in Twitter, and open the link, that will send you to the in-app browser, from there you just can't share something to Pinterest or Google Plus.

In the case of Android, as soon as you open a link, you will be sent to the default browser (your defined default) and from there you can share with any application you have installed.

You can also share something from Pinterest to Google Plus or to Twitter, just choose menu, and then share, and all your social networks will appear on the screen for you to choose where to send your link.

You can clearly see the difference in these pictures.

Sharing options for iPhone iOS

Sharing options for iPhone users

Sharing options for Android

Sharing options for Android users I really think, iOS needs to improve this, it may be OK to be so close when they were the dominants in the market but those days are gone.