How to clean and season a cast iron pan (skillet)

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Date: 2012-06-10 08:45:00 00:00

Most of you do not know this about me. I like to cook, I'm not really a good cooker, but I like to cook.

Today I've bought a new Lodge Pre-Seasoned cast-iron skillet or pan, it is a small one, 8" or 20.32 cm. I like that size. My family is not big so I do not cook for too much people.

Even though it is a pre-seasoned one, it is never a bad idea to season it before its first use. The way I saw my mother did.

  • Wash with hot water your new cast iron pan, dry it with a clean kitchen towel
  • Coat the cooking surface with oil or fat.
  • Heat the pan in the fire (Doing this in the oven would be a great idea.

Your new iron skillet is now ready for the first use.

Remember you need to clean it as soon as you finish cooking on it, while it is still warm.

  • Wash it with hot water and you can use a non-metal brush
  • Do not use soap of any type, just water
  • As soon as it is clean dry it immediately
  • Put some oil in the pan (Two tablespoons should be enough)
  • Heat the pan
  • Spread the oil with a paper towel (Take care it will be hot)
  • Cover with paper towel to keep the dust away from it.

Now, it is ready for the next use.

Lodge cast-iron pan