Microsoft is going to retire MSN in favor of Skype

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Date: 2012-11-06 16:53:52 00:00

Like most of you, I have started with ICQ and then I moved to Windows messenger (now live messenger). Some time ago, I stopped using Live Messenger, and now for business I use Skype, and I love to use Google chat with my friends.

I prefer Google chat, because all history is integrated in my Gmail account, and I can chat from my PC, iPad/iPod, Android phone or my Blackberry. Isn't it great?

Well, I have read today that Microsoft is going to "kill" Live messenger and only Skype will survive. I have already merged my account (which I almost never use) with my Skype account.

I think this is a good move, Skype will get some new users immediately, and Microsoft will be able to focus on only one network (better support I hope).

Also the integration of Skype with Facebook, is a great move of Microsoft in order to continue being the biggest network.

In my Linux box, I can not use my outlook account to log in, and have to still use my old Skype account, but that is not true in my Mac, where I can use my outlook account.

I would love to see improved Skype clients for iOS, Android and maybe a client for Blackberry (one that only allows to chat at least).

Meanwhile I still prefer Google Talk unless I have to contact people who still relay mainly on Skype. (People I work with).