Do you agree with LibreOffice fork?

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Date: 2010-10-07 11:36:30 00:00

By the time of this writing, a lot has been said about this topic, and you should have read a lot about it.

I have been reading posts on others blogs, and also the comments in those posts, and realized that not everybody agree with the fork.

Some have some good points, not to agree with the fork.

There are two that called my attention.

Spreading the efforts is never beneficial

While this is no doubt true, it is also true that being under Oracle’s directions would slow the project, as far as could be seen from the reactions, and how patches to the next release are being treated in Oracle.

The instability of the project can make people to stop using, and discouraging its use

This is also an interesting point, and I think it could certainly affect the number of users, under platforms like Mac OS or Windows. But not in Linux, this because Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Suse have already said, they are going to deliver LibreOffice with their distributions.

But, for Windows, or Mac OS users, maybe this fork, and instability could be seen as weaknesses, and if some of them have turn to OpenOffice instead of MS Office, they may go back to MS because of this.


To me and as Italo Vignoli said.

“It’s technically a fork, but if you look at it from the community side, it’s the real continuity of the project”

Because if every one turn to LibreOffice, and start using and developing it, what is left for Oracle, they only have the Brand, and Logos, no developers, no community, no Open Source project.

What do you think?, was this fork a good move?, will it benefit the FLOSS community?