New size operators for advance search in Gmail

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Date: 2012-11-16 18:04:00 00:00

Few days ago Gmail added a much awaited feature. Search email by size, this is very handy, to locate those emails with big attachments that are filling your inbox.

Gmail find emails by size. Advanced search operators

Because, even though Gmail says you have unlimited space for your emails, and you do not need to erase a single one. That is not true, and you can fill up your inbox easily if you are receiving big attachments with your emails.

Now, you can find those big emails which may be using some 80% of your space, and they may be not more than 10% of all your emails.

The new operators for advance search are:

  • size
  • larger
  • smaller

Where size and larger seems to behave the same.

Some other operators introduced let you find emails older or newer than x days, months or years. Those operators are:

  • newer_than
  • older_than

And the abbreviations to be used are: days(d), months(m), years(y).

With these new tools, you can now find your big emails of the last year.

larger:5m older_than:1y newer_than:2y

Will return all emails larger than 5 Mbytes that are between 2 years and 1 year old. You can also find all emails larger than 10 Mbytes that are 5 years old in your inbox.

larger:10m older_than:5y

You got the idea, now if you need, go and clean up your Gmail inbox.