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On Writting

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Date: 2014-08-11 23:58:22 00:00

On Writing

For some reason I can't really explain I love writing, I know I am not good at it, specially when I do it in English, anyway I keep doing and doing it.

I also know not too many people read what I write, maybe with the exemption of my Linux tutorials, where they arrive mostly after a Google search, but articles like this one is not read by too many.

I could say that it does not matter to me, but that would be a lie, I really care, when people write is to be read. But it is true and even though almost nobody is interested in what I write about, I still like doing it. And today someone told me that the more I write the more I will improve my writing. That is off course true, when you want to be good at anything, you should practice, and practice, until you become really good at it.

Writing gives me peace, keeps my mind away from the daily issues, it is only comparable to jogging. It is my therapy, so, no matter if someone read what I write or not, I will keep doing maybe only for me.

Maybe someday, someday I could be a real good writer, maybe someday a few thousand people will start coming to this blog to read what I have to say, what I have to write about. Until that day, this will continue to be my therapy.