Clean and Simple, a Wordpress Theme

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Date: 2014-12-28 16:25:35 00:00

This is my first experiment creating Wordpress Themes, and I am sure it will be no success, but I hope it may be useful for somebody.

It is a minimalistic theme, aimed at written blogs (not for your cat's pictures).

I made it thinking specially in those who love share what they write.

This theme is very basic, and it has no special functionality, here some of its characteristics.

  • Bootstrap 3 based
  • One column layout
  • Typography:
    • Josefin Slab for headings
    • Open Sans for regular text
  • Background is almost white, with a FAFAFA color

I am not sure if the background color is the best option, or maybe plain white is better.

The theme has some logic to make the Title clickable only when not in the front page, and the titles of posts clickable only when not displaying a single post.

Below you can see a screenshot of it.

My First Wordpress Theme

I have learned a lot about Wordpress Theming this last weekend, first working with child themes, and later creating my first Wordpress Theme.

You can download it for free and use it in anyway, read more about it here and you can see a demo