Why call 4G something that actually is not any better than 3G

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Date: 2012-03-10 16:59:06 -0400

Today I found at Marco Arment blog, a post talking about slow 4G speed. He says:

I just benchmarked the connnection at a blazing 0.63 Mbps down and 0.07 Mbps up.

As you can see this "4G" is not any better than the old "3G". I work in the Telecom area, and the whole problem is that all carriers do not have enough access to the Internet to allow their customers enjoy the real 4G. Or they do not have enough resources in the "Last mile" connection, from the core network to the base stations.

This is like having a great 6 lane highway from your home to the main road, and then that main road is only a two lane road, it just make no sense.

So, you may ask why carriers around the world deploy 4G Networks if they can't handle the load in their backbones, and the answer is Marketing. They need to shout out loud that they are offering 4G. Yes, your phone can connect at 4G speed from the phone itself to the tower, from there to the backbone and to the Internet, it just has to compete with a lot of other users. In a really crowded two lane road.

Sad, but true.