Pagination vs Scrolling

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Date: 2013-05-10 20:31:35 00:00

A lot about pagination vs scrolling have been written already so I am not going to discuss here the technical reasons about why prefer one over the other.

The only thing I am going to rant about is: Why I hate scrolling.

First of all, for those who need an introduction to the topic here. I am talking about blogs, you can divide blogs by a lot of categories, but here, I am going to divide them by those that paginate. That is, those that list a limit number of posts in a page, and you have to click next page or older posts to go for the next set of posts. And those that have infinite scrolling, that is, those that once you get to the end of the page, a script automatically load older posts for you, so no effort from your side.

OK, now that we all know what I am talking about, here is my problem with scrolling. Scrolling is great when intelligent people implement it in their pages, the problem is that, not all of designers are that smart.

There are tons of sites out there that feature infinite scrolling and present a footer. Can you imagine how you are going to read the footer if every time you arrive to it, a new set of posts load and the footer is once again out of your screen.

Well, I should say that some developers might think they are smart, and enable scrolling on sites with no footer, but with a side page. Yes this guys are so smart, they even make the layout "responsive", so when you are watching the site on a smart phone or tablet, you can never read the side page, because it is pushed down, and down, and down by the tons of new loaded posts.

Where these so-called developers test their designs?

Well, I have said it. I am sure this is not going to change anything, but I just feel better about it.