Finally working Email to Jekyll

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Date: 2012-03-10 09:34:06 -0400


Ever since I discovered posterous, I wanted to post by email, but to my own blog (I do not like others to host my content).

I was running Drupal by that time, and I was able to implement email to Drupal, using some modules I don't remember now. After that I have tried with Wordpress and that was also possible.

Now I'm using Jekyll, I really love Jekyll but it is hard to post to it.

Normal flow to post to a Jekyll blog

  1. Use your computer (where you have your source files) and write your post
  2. Generate your site
  3. Rsync your computer to your server, so your new content be online

What I normally did was:

  1. Log into my server
  2. Write my post
  3. Generate my site directly to my /var/www folder

My flow to post now

Thanks to Makusomi, now all I have to do is:

  1. Send an email with my post (from anywhere)

That is it, a post-commit hook then push the changes to the master git repository, and there a post-receive hook deploy the site. I have another computer making git pull from time to time from the master as a backup.

Thanks Kay.