Blackberry and iPod instead of Android

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Date: 2013-08-24 19:42:35 00:00

For the last year I have been using an Android phone (Galaxy S3 from Samsung), I use it mostly for email, and I hosted my main email account on Google Apps. I also own an iPod touch fifth generation.

I found out that my main usage of a smartphone was for email (it is very important for my job), the rest of applications, like Twitter, Netflix, Browser, some games and music player were used only when I was at home, or at some Hotel in one of my business trips.

The battery of the Galaxy S3 is not reliable if you use it a lot, it has nothing to do with the phone, it is just the big (and great) screen, its fast processor need too much power. Something I really do not need for my "normal" day. Having an Android phone I was almost not using my iPod Touch, maybe just to listen to music, I rely a lot on iTunes for my music.

Some weeks ago, I started to think that a better and more useful setup would be to use a Blackberry for my smartphone's needs, and the iPod for the leisure time activities. I am using a Blackberry 9790 and the battery last forever, well not forever but at least three days with no charge (I turn off data at nights).

Now, what are the advantages? Well I still have what is important for me during the day, which is having email, BBM (or whatsapp) at my hand, reliable battery duration, I love not having to be all day after a power outlet to give some more juice to my phone. And when I am at home and have time to review my Twitter time line, or to read my news feed I can use the iPod Touch.

I must say that I also switched my main email address from Google Apps to an Exchange server. I really love the idea of not being so dependent on Google, and not letting Google constantly know where I am.

I has been a whole week on this new setup, and I am loving it, the Blackberry 9790 is a lot smaller than the Galaxy S3, it fits better in my hand, feels better in my pocket, and still can do everything I need for my job.

How does iOS compare to Android for my leisure time?. Well the same apps can be found in both markets, I miss the sharing capabilities of Android, where it is a lot better than iOS, but on the other hand, you have access to better games on iOS than on Android (at least for my personal taste). Too many apps and games on Android are free but with too much ads, I prefer the aproach of developers on iOS, where I have to pay for apps, but they are ads free.

Is this setup still be useful in the future? I do not know, the technology runs so fast that you never know, for now I am happy with it, and my current setup works great for me. I am not saying everybody should go this way, but it works for me, think about it, it may work for you too.