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WhatsApp Web

How to connect to WhatsApp from your PC or any Internet connected PC


Review of mailwise, another email app for Android that supports IMAP and Activesynd for Exchange accounts

Custom domain for

How to add custom domains to the same way Google Apps once let you do it. You will be able to add up to 50 users to your domain

Sync Firefox Open tabs

How to sync open tabs between two or more Firefox browsers

BBM 7 certificate problem. Invalid certificate chain for *

How to solve Blackberry 8520 OS 5.0 * certificate problem when you upgrade to BBM 7. Voice Over IP BBM

Configure Netflix for Android to stream only on WiFi

How to set Netflix for Android to only stream over WiFi Network and not over 3G

Vine. Six seconds video sharing

Vine. Sharing six seconds video with your iPhone

Swiftkey 3 review

Review of Swiftkey 3 keyboard app for Android

How to take screenshot with Samsung Galaxy S3

How to take a screenshot on your Galaxy S3 Android with Ice cream Sandwich

New size operators for advance search in Gmail

Finally. Google now supports search operators to look for emails of a given size

How to take screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Ace

How to take screenshots with your Android phone

Look at internal memory while choosing you next Android phone

Some advice when you are looking for low end Android phones

Absurdly easy way to host your static site using Dropbox

Site44: Static sites hosting review

Have Blackberry Sent Items Sync with Imap Folders

New iPad

Sync Blackberry Folders with Google Apps Labels Using BES Server

Blackberry tethering

Control your blackberry data usage

Meaning of lower case edge or gprs and 3G without the blackberry logo

Are tablets suitable for you?

Blackberry Torch 9860 / 9850

Nokia and R.I.M. losing market share.

Nokia and RIM losing market share. And why you may have to stick to Blackberries.

Gingerbread upgrade for Xperia X10

Gingerbread for Xperia X10.

iOS 5 features

Review of iOS 5 features

Battery on the Xperia Mini Pro (Android)

Some thoughts about the Xperia Mini Pro Battery