New structure in site

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Date: 2013-05-01 20:52:35 00:00

Some days ago I have started a Spanish section on this site, for this to work I created a new main section, which is just a sub-folder /es/ in the structure of the site.

To make the site coherent, I also had to add another main section /en/ in the site, and move all the old sub-sections of the site inside that new main section.

You do not need to do something as I have also changed all menus, and links in the site to reflect the new structure and have them working as usual.

I have also added some redirects in the .htacces file, this way all old links will continue to normally work.

This is now a multi-lingual site, and in the next post I will show you how I made this possible with Jekyll.

Both sub-sites the one inside /es/ and the one inside /en/ folders are completely independent, they both have their own atom feeds, and their own indexes, where all menus are in the correct language.

The only part that mixes the sites is the sitemap, and that is because I want to submit only one to google, I really do not see the reason to split it, but if you have any advise please contact me, as it is really easy to split the sitemap too.

Each time I try to do something new with the site, I realize how flexible is Jekyll and how easy is to create almost any type of site with this tool.