Happy Birthday Arch Linux

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Date: 2012-03-14 15:29:00 00:00

Arch Linux is turning 10 this month. Ten years that have gone so fast, it is the same time since my first daughter birth. I can still remember like yesterday being in the Hospital seeing her fragile body and now she is my best friend.

Something similar happens to me with Arch Linux, I've not knew it the very moment it arrived to this world, I'm working with it since 2008 so for only four years.

I've started with RedHat Linux, then I moved to Fedora, then to Ubuntu and after that to Debian (I love Debian). But when I met Arch Linux I just could not stop using it, I like Gentoo, and have used it for a while, I also like Slackware and always install it, in one of my partitions, but Arch Linux is always my distro of choose.

What I like about it, is that is really easy and simple to install almost anything, it is insanely simple to tweak any software to work the way you need, there is no need to install tarbal files, no need to run make && make install, ABS, AUR, or you can create your own PKGBUILD.

It is extremely flexible, but easy and simple at the same time. To me is something between Gentoo and Slackware, with the best of both worlds.

A lot of people says it is not stable, but I've been running this blog on an Arch Linux Server for years with no single problem, and some months ago I was running it using Apache, Varnish, MySQL and PHP.

I have also used it in my main laptop, until I switched it for a Macbook Pro, and I continue to use it as my main Desktop Operating System both in my office and at home.

Anything else I can say about Arch Linux might be redundant to what I've already said in this Arch Linux Review, part I and the part two.

I can only add Thanks Judd for this great piece of software, and to all the contributors out there, thank you too for your time and effort, making Arch Linux one of the most used Linux Distributions.