Arch Linux switched to Systemd and finish support for initscripts

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Date: 2012-11-04 22:33:33 00:00

It's been some four months since I'm not using my favorite Distro (Arch Linux), I'm now using Debian.

All started because I've made some changes to my Arch Linux computer, and it stopped working, I needed something to work, and because the installation process of Arch Linux is not that easy or at least not that fast, I decided to go with Debian. Debian is my third favorite distro, after Arch and Slackware.

So, in this time that I'm using Debian instead of Arch Linux some deep changes came to Arch. They switched to Systemd. I'm not quite sure what that really means, and as my friend Nocturnal Slacker said some days ago:

I’m not a developer or coder, so I can’t really tell you what the under-the-hood advantages of systemd over sysvinits may be. However, many folks smarter than I am in that area seem to favor systemd.

I'm not a coder or developer either, so I will have to trust that it is a good change. I just hope that all configuration files stays as easy as they are. The use of rc.conf is all a bless for Arch users.

Today on the main page of Arch Linux, it was announced that there is no more support for initscripts.

I will install Arch Linux again this or the next week to see the changes with my own eyes, and will write about my impressions.