Legend of Grimrock

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Date: 2012-12-28 10:00:00 00:00

I am not the kind of guy who spend hours playing computer games. Actually because I am not a patience guy I usually do not play computer games. But because this and other games were on sale for just 7 dollars I have got 7 games with a worth value of 140 dollars, I decided to buy it.

After playing the first level of Legend of Grimrock it reminds me Prince of Persia, which I used to play years ago.

Legend of Grimrock is about four prisoners who got the pardon from the king, but only if they survive and manage to go out from Grimrock.

Grimrock is a big rock (mountain) that is over the clouds, and the prisoners are left on the top of it. They have to go all the way down trying to survive and enjoy their freedom.

They are in the maze and with the use of hidden keys, weapons and the skills of each one of the four, you have to manage to save them.

This is the first game that caught me in years.

And it is a great one with support for Linux and Mac, yes Windows is supported as well, but I do not have a Windows computer.