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Date: 2015-01-22 09:55:00 00:00


With some 700 million users around the world, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in Europe and Latin America. And recently has announced a long waited feature. You can now use WhatsApp from the PC using an official web-app.

There are some downsides but it works, here are some of those downsides.

  • Does not work for iOS, only for Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • Only works for Google Chrome, but they promise solutions for other browsers "soon"
  • Your phone needs to be connected to the Internet for this solution to work

How to use WhatsApp from the Web on your PC

What you need:

  • Your phone connected to the Internet
  • A PC connected to the Internet (Linux, Windows, Mac or Chromebook)
  • Google Chrome browser installed
  • Latest version of WhatsApp on an Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry

Go to web.whatsapp.com and you will a screen like this one.

Use WhatsApp from the Web

Open WhatsApp app in your phone and go to menu->WhatsApp web, and scan the barcode you've got on the sceen like the above one.

WhatsApp on the web

When you are finally connected you will see something like this will all your contacts.

WhatsApp on your PC