Increased Performance After Moving my Blog to Cloudfront

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Date: 2012-03-03 20:10:00 00:00

Some days ago I started to use cloudfront, I'm also hosting my blog at home. Now I want to share with you how the performance has been increased in this small period.

First, I also need to tell you that just for fun I'm serving css files from Rackspace' Cloudfiles, but the HTML is being served to you by Amazon's Cloudfront.

I use Pingdom to monitor the status and the speed of my site, so here are the stats.

My site was hosted at the Newark Datacenter of Linode, so as you can see in this graphic, there is no change when you test from Newark.

Pingdom Newark test

But from other places you can really se an improvement:

Los Angeles

Pingdom Newark test


The readers from Western Europe, can see an improvement:

Pingdom Newark test


But I'm sure the readers from eastern Europe will be the most happy ones.

Pingdom Newark test

Please let me know If you can feel the site is faster than before, or if you feel it slow and let me know where in the world are you locate.