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Gmail 2.0 for iOS

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Date: 2012-12-08 09:38:45 00:00

Gmail 2.0 for iOS

It has been three days using the new Gmail 2.0 on the iPad and iPod Touch.

The App have improved a lot, the colors the UI, it feels now easier and more intuitive. The way to reply or reply all is more direct now, and easier to find out how.

The features I like the most are:

Multiple Accounts

Gmail App 2.0 now comes with multi-account support, you can add up to five accounts. This makes it finally usable for most of use having one Gmail for personal use, and one box in Google Apps for business.

The only annoyance I still find, is that if the badge says you have 10 emails, there is no way to know how many on each account. When you list all accounts, you should see a badge on each saying how many unread emails on each. But that is not happening.

Reply to Calendar Invitation from the App

This is another good one, there is no need to use the native calendar anymore just to reply to invitations. You can reply directly from the email App.

Full push mail support

Now, push notifications work like with any other iOS App, we have real push notifications, and when you click one in the notifications bar, you are taken to the App, to read your email.

At least for me, there is not no more need to use the native email app, that comes with the iPad or iPhone. I only use Gmail accounts.