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On blogging

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Date: 2012-01-13 17:40:00 00:00

You may see that I have a little more free time now that some months ago, as I'm starting to blog again, the inspiration is flowing again, and I feel the urge to share my thoughts and share what I learn and what I think may be interesting.

I also have more time to read, because to me blogging is like a conversation, and you need to "listen" and "talk", so, in this case, read and write. There are some blogs I follow, usually technical ones, but from time to time, these techie-guys do write something really inspiring.

This time I arrived to this blog post about blog community. I must say that I share the same passion with Scott Hanselman about blogging, is somehow an urge to share what you may have learned, to give back to community a little of what it gave to me.

I started blogging because I started using Linux, and got a lot of help from forums and email lists, so I wanted to give them something in return, and I started posting in forums my "discoveries", but then I realized that a blog could be a better way, and I started Go2linux. Now a days I'm starting a free-form blogging, and not stick to Linux. But once again, the idea is to share anything with you, the Internet community, and just like Scott says, I usually find solutions to a lot of things in some one else's blog, even a new recipe for the Saturday dinner, or how to loose some weight, or anything.

You do not need to be a great writer to start your blog, I'm not one, not even close to it, I've been told a lot of times that my English sucks, but I decided not to stop blogging, because i also get thank-you notes because someone needing something, found it in my blog, or my "little corner in the Internet" like Scott called it.

Scott also says, "Blog more and tweet less", and that is a good idea. If you find something interesting in a webpage, instead of just tweet about it, write about it, share you thoughts about what you have read. I like the Linked section of John Gruber, because he adds some comment about the page he is linking to.

Now, I'll leave you with this message from Scott:

Share because you want to. Share because you want to help, but also because you want to help yourself. Share not for the recognition but for the love of teaching.