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Evolve OS

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Date: 2015-01-03 01:00:00 00:00

Evolve OS

There is a new kid in town, Evolve OS is a new Linux distribution built from scratch.

It is good to know that there still is people working in developing Linux distribution and not just forking Ubuntu, but I have to admit that Elementary did a great job on that direction.

Evolve OS is still in early Alpha but it is available for public download and testing, it is not meant for production yet but seems promising.

Evolve is aimed at usability and being user friendly, it is designed to be used as Desktop OS.

The only option at this time is amd64, but that should not be a problem now a days.

Evolve OS is using Budgie as its Desktop, which is once again built from scratch and not a fork of other project, Gnome fans will be happy to know that it can emulate the look and feel of Gnome 2, which is missed since Gnome 3 had appeared.

You can test Budgie on Ubuntu or Arch Linux via PPA or AUR.

I really wish the team behind Evolve OS success with this endeavor, hope to hear more from them in the future months.