Apple Music and Spotify

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Date: 2019-01-20 10:10:00 00:00

There are a lot of comparison articles about Apple Music vs Spotify, most of them center their analysis in the prices and number of songs and because the have almost the same price, and Spotify has as many songs as Apple Music, and unless you are looking for something really special you will find the same on both platforms.

Since a month ago I've both of them and I have to say that I am just about to ditch Apple Music and stay with Spotify (If I can convice my family), let us talk about it.

My echosystem: I have both an Iphone and an Android phones (personal and office), and a Macbook and Windows (personal and office), I have an old Apple TV box (does not support Apple Music, just Airplay), I have a Chromecast too. That being said, I must say that Spotify is easier to use on other devices which are not Apple, has better support for speakers, Smart TVs, and others, Apple Music is too Apple Centered (go figure).

I like both apps in my phones both have support for Android and iOS and they work great, both of them offer support for Windows and Mac, but iTunes is a lot heavier than Spotify, but on the other hand in a Laptop/Desktop environment iTunes offers more options most of them you simple not use.

So, cosidering:

  • Cost
  • Number of songs
  • Mobile support
  • Computer support

It is almost the same to go with Apple Music or Spotify.

Where is Spotify better

Spotify is better at discovering new music, Apple Music has improved but it still shows new music based on… who knows, but is not based on your library or listening habits. Spotify on the other hand has a lot of mixes and automatic playlists based on your listening habits.

Spotify is better, now a lot better in hardware availability it is supported by a lot of brands of speakers, HiFi equipments, Smart TVs and others, see here.

Where is Apple Music better

Apple Music is better when you have lots of downloaded music, or ripped CDs, as you only need to add them to your iTunes library in a PC or Mac, and all that music becomes available in all your connected devices, even if they are not available in Apple Music catalogue, that is also possible with Spotify but a lot more complicated.

Also Apple Music has a lot of videos now available even in Android, and I have not found them in Spotify.

Which will I use

I think I will have to keep them both, I have a family plan with Apple Music and my family already have their lists on that platform, I am now using a personal account on Spotify, and I also have a premium Deezer account, just because it comes with my mobile account for free. About it I have to say that it is also better than Apple Music in discovering new music.

Move your playlist from iTunes to Spotify or Deezer or Google Play music

If you want to move from one platform to another you may want to move with your playlists right? they costs you a lot of time, I have uses Soundiiz, you have to pay USD 4.5 per month, but you only need one month to move all your playlists, no need to pay more than one or two months.

So, I will stay with they two for some time while I decide.