It ships when its ready

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Date: 2013-04-23 22:12:35 00:00

Today I have read an article in the Svbtle Network It ships when it ships, considering that Debian is almost ready to be shipped, I immediately thought about how good this policy works for them.

As Bjoern Zinssmeister propose, we all should try to have that policy, there are certain times when deadlines are not negotiable, but the rest of the time we should try not to have deadlines.

Deadlines put just too much preassure on the team, and the final job might not be as good as if there is not too tight schedules

Now, to work this way, you have to have the right people in your staff. There is people that when they are not "forced" to work in some way, they just relax too much.

The people working at Debian, are volunteers, therefore they are working on that because they want to, you can be sure they will do their best effor to have the best product in the shortest time.

If you manage to get really commited to the company, and you give them enough incentives, then you will end up with a really productive team. Not an easy task as a manager, but the possible good results really worth the effort.

The manager or CEO needs to talk with stake holders and instead of promise them some good revenue in short time, ask them for more time, and at the end have a better product, maybe not better revenue, but for sure a product that will last longer and will generate revenue for longer time. And get this kind of investors is also not an easy task, maybe harder than getting the right kind of workers.