Undo and redo on vim

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Date: 2020-03-30 12:15:00 00:00


Vim is one of the most used text editor in Linux, it is also used by Mac OS users, it is very powerfull and it is my favorite one.

Undo on vim

Some years ago I have already written about vim undo but here it is again.

If you make a mistake while editing text on Linux with vim, while not in insert mode, if you are in insert mode, press ESC key and then type this:


You can also undo various changes, just do this:



What I have not write about is redo, sometimes you want to redo what was just undone, in that case just do this: While not in insert mode, once again if you are insert mode, press ESC key to exit it, then press CTRL+r keys.

That is press CTRL key, and while pressed, press r key too.