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How to clean up MySQL

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Date: 2015-02-22 15:04:32 00:00

How to clean MySQL from not used databases and users?

When you are a tester, and keep proving one application after other, then you end up with a lot of garbage on your MySQL server, that is unused databases and users. There is an easy way to clean it.

Let's connect to the server

mysql -u root -p

Once logged in, list all databases.


Now let's suppose you want to delete a database named wordpress.

mysql> DROP DATABASE wordpress;

And so on with all unused databases, but now it is time for the users, once again first list them all

mysql> SELECT host, user, password from mysql.user;

Let's now delete a users named wordpress_user

mysql> DROP USER wordpress_user;

You are all done, you can now continue to install and uninstall software on your server, just clean MySQL when you finish testing.