Google Chrome OS Ready for Prime Time

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Date: 2011-09-02 18:50:00 00:00

How fast things change in this world now a days, you can't sleep a day without, being left behind. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about Chrome OS "I still do not see too much uses for it", I was saying that mainly because, you needed to be "connected" in order to use it.

Two days ago, Google announced that now, using Chrome, you can use Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs while off-line. As you can read in that post:

When we announced Chromebooks at Google I/O 2011, we talked about bringing offline access to our web apps, and now we're taking our first steps in that direction

This is something specially good for Chromebooks, now they are not just new toys, they can be real productive tools. Let's see what you can do with it. Better yet, start with a list of the things average people do on a computer.

  • Email (Online and off-line)
  • Work with Docs (Online and off-line)
  • Organize your life (online and off-line)
  • Check and update your social networks (online of course)
  • Chat with your friends or co-workers (online only)
  • Talk over the internet (online only)
  • Surf the web (online only)

That is what the "average Joe" needs, of course if you are a Developer, or Web Designer, or an Architect you will need other tools, but of course, we are all now sure, you will not be able to do that stuff in a netbook, you need a real computer/laptop, with lots of horsepower under you keyboard.

Looking at the list above, that is exactly what you can now do, with a Chromebook.

I think I have talked too much too fast, when I said that Chrome OS was not useful, in just few weeks I have to write all the contrary, to me, now Chromebooks are ready for Prime Time at least to do what they were designed for, with no limitations.

It would be better if Samsung and Google could low the price a little bit, while the iPad is a great tool, I'm sure you still need a keyboard for most of your to-do-stuff. What iPads are great for is for reading while you are in bed or in an airplane, if you need to write a long email, or a blog post, or even your resume, you will certainly be better with a real PC, no matter if powered by Linux, Mac OS, Windows and now a new option Chrome OS.

Options are great for users, the more options we have, the more freedom we have, and better and more improved products from all competitors.

Having said that, If you ask me: What would I choose, or what is for me a perfect combination?

I would like to have a Macbook Pro 15" for the real job, and for the carry-everywhere-laptop I would get a small netbook loaded with Arch Linux or Slackware. I can always install Chrome or Chromium on them :).

But that's me, and I think Chrome OS is a great option for a lot of other people.

Would you get a Chromebook?