Blogging on Movable Type

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Date: 2011-07-09 17:36:21 00:00

Today I'm starting with my personal blog, actually what I'm starting is a blog driven by me, as I have been blogging (personal blogging) in other platforms.

My most important site in the web Go2Linux runs on Drupal, but I decided to run this one on Movable Type mostly because I do not need that much versatility, I mean all the handful modules (plugins in this case), and with the very basics I'm happy.

I also want to learn another platform, so I decided to give Movable type a second shot.

I said a second because I have tried it before.

You can read more about my first try with Movable Type, those posts were then migrated to drupal to keep them in Go2Linux.

This site will run on Movable Type, let's learn something new :)