Print / Export to PDF only one sheet in Mac Numbers

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Date: 2011-07-21 20:47:45 00:00


I've just started with iWork Numbers, and it is indeed a great piece of software.

As I'm learning I'll be publishing here my discoveries and for everybody to use them, also as notes to myself I case I forgot them in the future.

One of the problems I faced today, was how to print only one sheet to PDF. If you use the share menu option, you'll end up with a PDF document will all available sheets on it. This is great if the document is for your personal use, but what if you have prepared a quotation where all your costs are in one or more sheets, and the final result / quotation is in the last one, then you only want to send that last one to your customer.

So, lets see how to do it.

Export only one sheet to PDF with Mac Numbers from iWork

First select (highlight) the sheet you want to export.

export pdf Mac Numbers

In the picture above I have selected the sheet number 5.

Then, from the menu, select:

File -> Print

and the select PDF, and then "Save as PDF", choose the destination file, and you are done.

save as pdf mac numbers