3Hub: An Amazon S3 client for Mac OS X

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Date: 2012-04-05 07:30:00 00:00

Amazon S3 is great for a series of uses. Like, traffic off-loading of static files, backup files and data or exchange info, I'm sure there are other uses as well.

There are a lot of tools or S3 clients, for different platforms, but one I really like is 3Hub for Mac.

According to its site you can:

  • Manage multiple S3 accounts.
  • Queue files and directories for download or upload.
  • Throttle your download and upload bandwidth.
  • Simulate sub-directories. The folders you create are compatible with other S3 clients.
  • Keep track of other S3 users you want to share files with or give permissions to.
  • Using the "Auto apply" feature, you can automatically set permissions on newly uploaded files.
  • Using the Shares feature, you can share buckets for other 3Hub users, and view files they've shared with you.
  • Rename files.
  • Setup custom Content-Type for files.

And more.

I really enjoyed the way you can change the headers to a lot of files at once.

I needed to modify the meta info of the files in my bucket to reflect, "Cache-Control: max-age=" in the headers. That was as easy as selecting a folder and right-click on it, and modify headers.

If you are hosting from Amazon S3, and you have a Mac, you might consider buying this app.

3Hub Mac app client for Amazon S3