Good blog post: "The best"

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Date: 2012-11-18 16:46:52 00:00

I have read a lot of reactions about this post from Dustin Curtis about how it is great to invest your time in looking for the best about something. If you want to buy a TV set, spend time in studying the options the market have, and only buy the very best your budget can afford.

… the time it takes to find the best of something is completely worth it. It’s better to have a few fantastic things designed for you than to have many untrustworthy things poorly designed to please everyone…

To me this is something you should try to follow, otherwise you are just waisting your money, if you buy something that is not the best you can, in the near future you will realize that it does not fit your needs. You will have to discard it, or worse, you will archive it at the cost of room, and will end up buying what you should have bought in the first place.

Take your time to read, to do some research before buying anything. Take your time to read The best

Update 2012-11-29: Also take the time to read: The worst. By pursuing the best, you might become materialist.

I think we should try to balance our search for "perfection". I mean, there are areas where you really need the best things. If you are jumping from a plane, you better have the best parashoot you can. If you are going to buy a pen, well, any pen might write and do the job.

As always, is not good to be on any of the extremes, try to balance your life.