Moving back to Android

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Date: 2019-04-27 10:10:00 00:00


I am a guy that really loves to test new things and new set ups, I have been an Android user, then a Blackberry, then iOS and now I am back on Android again, and happy with the change

Why am I moving

I am moving mainly because of external situations that have nothing to do with iOS or Android, it is because I gave away my iPhone SE to someone who really wanted a small yet powerful phone and with enough memory for apps and pictures, and mine was the 128 GB version of the iPhone SE. Buying a new iPhone was too expensive and for half the price I may have a really good Android phone. Android have improved a lot. Back in 2015 or 2013 the difference about using one or the other was huge, now a days it feels almost the same.

The apps I use the most

Music I really love music and I was subscribed to Apple Music, there is an app for it in the Google Play Store, but I also switched to spotify because it works better with my Chromecast and my Alexa dot, so there is no issue on music

Videos I am an avid video consumer at night, and Youtube is present on iOS and of course is available for Android, in fact it is a native app on any Android phone not for China

Other apps I use Netflix too, and it is available on both platforms, so Android have me covered there too, the same applies for Twitter, Whatsapp and Endomondo (I like running)

Work I have my work email on Office 365 I use Outlook a lot, the calendar, notes and tasks, all of them work great with iOS native apps, it is not the case with Android at least not with notes and tasks, so I have bought nine which for me is the best app for exchange you can find on the Play Store. The Office 365 apps are also available for both platforms

As we can see, everything we have on iOS is now present on Android, this was not the case years ago and the apps for Android were just not as good as the ones for iOS, today this is not true anymore, you can have the same functionality on both platforms

Photo Gallery Since I have started using Office 365, I have also started saving my pictures on OneDrive, with the iPhone I saved them on both iCloud and OneDrive, now it is just OneDrive, so I am not missing the Photos app. I do still copy from OneDrive to iCloud using my MBP just to have all pictures saved on both clouds just in case

What I am missing

Actually I not missing too much, at least nothing outside the Apple Ecosystem, I miss buying or renting movies on Apple iTunes, the have better options than Google Play Movies, this may be true just for Latin America and not for US

The phone I am using

I am using right now a Nokia 7.1 wich comes with Android One, I have used Stock Android in the past with the first Moto G, it is a lot better than Samsung experience, even considering that Samsung experience has improved a lot. I was tempted by the Xiaomi Mi A2, it has a better processor the Snapdragon 660 while the Nokia 7.1 comes with the Snapdrago 636, but the Nokia has the 3.5 jack and the option to use microSD card, but the IR blaster is somthing I would love to have.


If someone is waiting for me to say that iOS or Android is better I am sorry to disappoint you. To me both Android and iOS are great operating systems, both of them cover my needs, it is just that the iPhones are just too expensive for me, and for a lot of people I am sure. I am glad that Android have evolved to this point and that there is now a really good option for iOS an option at the same quality.