Happy Birthday Debian

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Date: 2014-08-16 11:40:35 00:00

Debian Anniversary

Today August 16th is the 21st anniversary of the GNU/Linux distribution Debian.

It was released by Ian Murdock on this day 21 years ago. The name is derived from the combination of Ian's girlfriend at that time Debra, and his own name.

Since then Debian has just grown in popularity, and now is the base of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions according to Distrowatch Debian code is on the three first positions:

  1. Mint
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Debian

As Ubuntu is based on Debian, and Mint on Ubuntu you can see the great success of Debian over the years.

It serves most of the websites we visit daily, it powers a very large number of servers around the world.

So, for all of that, Happy 21st anniversary Debian I wonder what we will see from you in the next 21 years.