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About this site

This site is where I share my discoveries about techie stuff, it is mainly focused on Linux as I started writing Linux tutorials in 2007 at, under this domain I do not limit myself to Linux and write about anything that might be interesting to me.

English Section

The English section is a lot bigger than the Spanish one, they are not exact translations, actually they are separated sites, with its own content and sub-sections, some articles are translated but most of them are individual posts. I did this because I did not want to maintain two sites one per language

Spanish Section

I have started with the Spanish section a lot later than with the English one, I have started the Spanish section in 2013 so six years later, that is why a lot less articles can be found in the Spanish section than on the English one, but the topic is the same, mainly focused on GNU Linux Operating System, and with articles about Internet, Mac, Android and BSD, with some others about web development and Wordpress


I like to write, I like to share my discoveries and what I learn with the rest of population, I started writing on discussion groups and then decided to start a site, hope you enjoy it.