ReStructuredText for everyday documents

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Date: 2012-12-30 20:56:00 00:00

I really do not like to store my daily work and documents in MS Word format, nor in OpenOffice format, because those formats:

  • Uses a lot more space that what is really needed
  • You need to have the application installed to read them
  • It is not easy to work with them on mobile devices
  • The format changes over the time, and your files become obsolete

I tried to use LaTeX but it is a little bit too complicated, and it is not too easy to understand it using a simple text editor. I tried to use markdown too, but it lacks of some features I sometimes need for my documents, so, that was not an option.

MultiMarkdown, is a good option, and I have been using it to store my documents, but I see that ReStructuredText has more features and working with Pandoc, you have all bases covered.

I will be using Multimarkdown (which can also convert to PDF) and RST together to work with documents in my daily needs.

I have now installed in my Mac Multimarkdown and Pandoc, with those tools and learning MMD and RST syntax I feel I will be able to write the simple documents I need.

A bonus on working this way, is that you can use Git to version control your documents