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Thanks Steve

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Date: 2011-08-29 11:50:00 00:00

Some days ago the whole geek-world and the rest of the world too, received the news that Steve Jobs was resigning as Apple's CEO.

After his medical "vacations" I think we all knew that this was going to happen. Was something someday have to happen.

Lot's of lines have been written in important media, newspapers, blogs, etc. A lot of repercussions happened the day after, and lots of questions raised too. And answers to those questions.

Some days later, and when almost all that have to be said, has already been said, I decided to write this small post.

This is a small blog, with some dozens of visits per day, I'm sure Steve will never see this post in his life, but anyway I wanted to write something.

You may agree or disagree with the way Steve Jobs drove Apple, and his way of doing business, but he indeed changed the world.

He changed the way to buy music, the way we listen to it, the way we use computers (being them Macs or not). Apple is more than just a company is a philosophy: "It just works".

Few days ago I wrote about how Apple's iPad changed a nine-year-old girl's life

And there should be hundreds if not thousands of examples like that one, but in a way Apple changed the world, in a good way.

Thank you Steve for everything, you have also teach us, that we have to enjoy our jobs.