First post on MovableType platform

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Date: 2010-09-30 10:36:30 00:00

Edit: 11/19/2010 I’ve decided to leave Open Melody or Movable Type, and stick to Drupal. Do not take me wrong MT or OM are great but I will not have the time to mantain two platforms.

I am always trying to learn something new. Today it is MovableType, I really liked the idea of static publishing. Together with Nginx, the server should now be ready support digg, reddit, or slashdot. Of course if I am that lucky that some of those places publish any of my content.

I am not moving the whole site from Drupal to Movable Type as that is too much work, and I may screw the whole site.

So, what I am doing is just to install Movable Type together with Drupal, actually MT is just a sub-directory in the Drupal Structure.

So now I can post on any of the platforms, and the content will be accesible on the same site, this way I do not have to fight again for a Google PR.

Also I am using Yahoo Pipes to combine the RSS of both systems, into one RSS via Feedburner, therefore, all my readers will be updated no matter where I post.

I will make something similar with Twitter.

If in any case I find this is not a good idea, I can move all the MT contente to Drupal, and use the path module to redirect mantain the contente available.

The only problem I have now, is that I can not install Disqus here to manage the comments, but I will find a way.