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rsync guide, how-do and tips with examples


How to configure and use logrotate plus some tips

sudo vs su

The Linux commands su and sudo are similar and can be confused by some people, here the differences and when should you use one instead of the other

Your own CDN

How to use Nginx as reverse proxy to serve multiple applications from the same domain on the same host or different one

Starting with FreeBSD

First steps with FreeBSD on Digital Ocean, installing some useful tools to work with the server

Wordpress Cluster Powered

How to setup a cluster of PHP-FPM servers to power a Wordpress Installation with Nginx doing reverse proxy and cache in front of them

Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM on CentOS

How to install Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM with MySQL on Centos. And at the same time configure PHP-FPM to listen on a socket instead of a TCP port.

Crontab and cron job

Crontab, cron job how to, and example. How to take advantage of cron jobs for repetitive tasks in Unix like system, like GNU/Linux

Debian vs CentOS

Comparing CentOS and Debian as your options for web server operating systems. Considering stability, easy of use, fresh package availability

Take advantage of gnu-screen

How to use gnu-screen, and protect yourself of disconnection when working on remote Linux or Mac servers

Install Wordpress on Ubuntu Server

How to install Wordpress on Ubuntu using official repositories. And installing LAMP on the server at the time of Ubuntu server installation

My iftop's config file

How I use iftop to monitor network traffic, and an example of my config file and options

Upgrade Debian 6.0 Squeeze to 7.0 Wheezy

How to upgrade from Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) to Debian Wheezy (7.0). Instructions to be followed on the terminal console, good to be done via ssh on a remote server

N9 and MeeGo

Shared thoughts about Nokia N9 and Meego