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Geek traveling

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Date: 2012-06-04 01:25:00 00:00

My job requires me to travel a lot, I actually do not like nor enjoy traveling, it is just part of my job.

Today while I was boarding the plane, the flight attendant asked me to send my second bag to the luggage compartment. I was already carrying a backpack with my electronic devices. He thought my clothes' bag was heavy, he asked my to weight it and later he said it was OK to have it in the cabin.

At that moment, I realized that if it was a matter of the weight, my backpack was heavier. As soon as I got to the hotel, I decided to carefully check all the electronic stuff I was carrying in the backpack.

I usually travel with my Macbook Pro, where I have my documents, and where I do most of my work when I'm not at the office (at the office I use an Arch Linux powered PC). I use dropbox to sync my documents before I leave the office.

I also travel with my Android phone, that is my personal phone, where I have my personal stuff. Twitter, personal email accounts and the like. For the office email, I carry a 9780 Blackberry Bold, I also have dropbox installed on the BB. The iPod Touch, carry all my music (which is in the Mac too), my podcasts and I use it for Netflix at airports where Internet is free :).

Of course I have to carry the Mac charger and one universal 110/220 V to USB 5 Volts charger. This is to keep the Android, Blackberry and iPod batteries charged when on the go.

Even though the camera on the iPod is great for videos (HD) and the Blackberry camera is very good for still pictures, I carry a small Panasonic Lumix of 16 Mega pixels and 10x zoom.

So, for short trips, my electronic devices together with chargers, usually are heavier than my clothes. Twenty years ago, traveling should have been lighter, but more boring without a doubt. What would you do without the tunes? Without staying in touch with your loved ones via BBM? Without Netflix?. Yes there was and still is cable in Hotels, but I like to decide what to watch.

Is that traveling like a geek? Or just a silly way of traveling?. Now I am happy I do not have an iPad yet. :).

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